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Writing is fun?


Have you ever wondered how a recruiter look at your CV and Motivation letter? This blog will give you some insights in how the recruiter looks and what you do in order to make your letters complete!

Writing a resume or cover letter can be quite difficult, but have you ever thought about how they decide which candidate gets an interview? What exactly is behind it? How do they choose the perfect candidate for the job? But more important for you:

what should I write?

In this blog, I will explain some of the key points that will make or break your resume /cover letter when they come in.

First, let’s talk about what the recruiter is looking for in your resume. Your resume = you, they want you to match it with their perfect resume. Therefore, to meet their requirements, you need to match your own experience with the job description. Format it in a way that it will interest the recruiter.

Most people use words like “I can” “I am good at”. These words do not give the recruiter the perspective they want. The reason is that they can’t really confirm anything from 1 sentence. You could just be lying to them.

To make it more clear for the recruiter. You can use the following: ”In my college days I worked on ……… using……… As a result ….. I have obtained this.  

Recruiters like to see examples of work you have done, this gives you an edge over others when they are looking for this expertise.  

But don’t make it too long! Recruiters hate overly long resumes or cover letters with only fill-ins in them.  

Recruiters will call you if you meet the criteria, but if you don’t, do not wait for a response to get rejected. The reason is that some do not even send a rejection letter or message. Unfortunately, some of them are very lazy.

Time for an interview!

You get a call because you wrote a good cover letter and resume, now comes the screening.  

The recruiter wants to speak to you in person (maybe not now in corona times). How do you prepare for the interview? Again, this is very simple, you just need to read the job posting. Don’t come up with things you don’t understand, don’t lie and just be yourself. If you lie and get the job, you will be gone within a month. The reason is that they expect things from you that you can’t do. Therefore, the best way to prepare for your job interview is to just read the job posting, prepare some questions and work on your way of speaking. Your voice should say ”I’m super interested in working here” without saying these words.

If all goes well you will get a second and maybe a third interview, just repeat what you did in the first interview until you get your dream job.