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Daily life as an intern


Looking for an internship is difficult, but what can you expect when you get started. In this blog, I will talk about my own experience of searching and working as an intern at ErasmusTalent.

Daily life as an intern.

In this blog post I will talk about my personal experience as a Marketing & Sales intern and give you tips & tricks on what to expect when you are looking for an internship. Before I begin this will all be my personal opinion so take it with a grain of salt. Everything I say in this blog comes from my own experience and thoughts.

The beginning.

Let’s start with my search for an internship. My search started pretty late if I’ll be honest. It was at the end of the summer vacations. Most companies had already found their interns while I was looking. Which meant I only had a small number of internships left to choose from. I also didn’t have much time and there weren’t many options left for me. This made searching for an internship position difficult. I searched on different platforms like LinkedIn, and applied to a lot of internship hoping for some replies. I thought I would get a response in the next few days as to whether I had a chance of getting that internship, but I was wrong. I didn’t realise one crucial factor. That was that sometimes employers can be very “lazy” and fail to respond. Some companies never responded to my application and ghosted me. Some answered me after a month or two, meaning I missed my deadline. Luckily for me, ErasmasTalent responded quickly and I got the Marketing & Sales internship.

So my number one tip is: start your search NOW! While writing this blog I saw that there are many interesting internships available. Go to LinkedIn or our platform ErasmusTalent.nl there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you!

A peek as an intern at ErasmusTalent /small to medium company

I have learned a lot through my supervisors. I’m very grateful for that, but there are also things I’ve been surprised by while working here.

Additional tasks.

The tasks I received were appropriate for the internship, but there are also tasks I didn’t expect to receive that had nothing to do with marketing or sales. The reason for this is that Erasmustalent is a small to medium business and not a corporate. This will also be true of other small to medium sized businesses. You will have to help with daily tasks that are not related to your internship. Some may be boring and some fun. The positive is that you will learn from different departements. The negative is that sometimes these tasks can be very boring. The best way to survive boredom is to do these boring tasks in the morning. This way you need to think about it anymore on that day. You can also switch your daily routine up in order to make it more exciting for yourself.

Internship tasks

You will get a lot of tasks were you can use your own creativity in if you work in a small to medium sized company. I already have received a lot of opportunities to create my own content and speak up to my superiors. If my content is wrong I will get feedback on it. If my statement has value we will discuss it deeper and find a solution for it. Meaning you should just throw your ideas out to them. This will help them and you develop.

Therefore, another tip I will give you is: don’t be shy to speak up. Give your opinion to get feedback from them, this will help you develop even better for your real job later.

Okay that’s all for now. This is all I have experienced in the 6 weeks I have been an intern at ErasmusTalent. There is much more for me to discover and much more to learn. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a part 2 for this blog later.