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CV Check Applying successfully with your CV

Applying successfully with your CV

Do you want to discuss your CV, motivation letter and/or application letter with one of our HR professionals? That is possible! We would like to help you create an optimal CV, so we can ensure that you are optimally prepared for your application.

Do you find it difficult to prepare for a job application? What do I put in my CV? What do I put in my motivation letter? ErasmusTalent will help you with these questions and make sure you are perfectly prepared for your job application.

Curriculum vitae
Drawing up a CV is not that easy. What information is an employer really looking for? Do I focus more on my personal skills or on my work experience? ErasmusTalent will help you draw up a convincing CV with which you can look forward to a successful application.

Work Experience
As a starter or young professional it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish yourself on the job market. Nevertheless it is possible to convince the recruiter of your talents! You have probably worked on different projects at school, followed certain courses or maybe even completed a minor. These are already some points where you can excel during your application.

When you don’t have a lot of work experience you will have to sell yourself. What are your best qualities and how do they translate to the workplace? Are you resourceful, creative, do you have an eye for detail or are you good with people? These are some of the things you can use to convince an employer that you are the talent they are looking for.

With a lot of vacancies, whether it is for an internship or a job, you will be asked for a motivation letter. We understand that it is difficult to express yourself in a letter and that you prefer to do this face-to-face. ErasmusTalent can help you with this, so you can make your dream career come true.